One-on-One Pro Recovery Sessions2022-07-29T07:33:56+00:00

Pro Recovery Sessions (150$ for 90 minutes of treatment):

 Come treat yourself like the pros do!  These sessions are perfect to follow rigorous training sessions or following game days.  They will help you bounce back quicker and be ready to resume workouts/competition faster.  

These 90 minute long recovery sessions at Physio Pro include 60 minutes of one-on-one recovery manual therapy with one of our licensed physical therapists.  This time can include therapeutic massage, cupping, IASTM, dry needling, stretching, and joint mobilization.  During this time any nagging injury can also be assessed and individuals can be given a correct exercise regime to remedy the dysfunction and pain.    In addition, each of these individualized sessions will conclude with 20-30 minutes on either our NormaTec pneumatic compression system or with one of our sports recovery e-stim protocols to one of your problem areas.   Feel better faster!

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