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Christmas in January! We are excited to announce that we will be adding comprehensive sports recovery services at Physio Pro in the near future. Massage, pneumatic compression therapy, recovery e-stim protocols, dry needling and joint mobilization to name a few. We are pumped to get this up and going! #sportsrecovery #physiotherapy #trainhardfeelgood @ntrecovery @compexusa @rollrecovery ...

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Manual resistive exercises targeting the rotator cuff are a great thing to add in the later stages of rehab as well as for injury prevention and shoulder health. Dynamic stabilization requires the shoulder girdle and cuff to work simultaneously to stabilize the humeral head in the glenoid through its entire available range of motion. They are easy to incorporate into an athletes program and are a great way to prime the shoulder for competition on games days or for the days training sessions. @natelilleypt #shoulderrehabilitation #dynamicstabilization #eccentrictraining #rotatorcuff ...

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Sit to stand is a very functional exercise that we all do everyday. Using proper form, a simple transfer move can be turned into a lower⁣⁣
⁣⁣Extremity exercise for an 8 y.o. to an 88 y.o. Here at Physio Pro, this is one of our “go to exercises” for many of our patients.⁣⁣
⁣⁣To perform this exercise, stand in front of bench or chair. Place the Mantra band around tops of knees. In athletic stance, lower to squat position until touching the bench.Return to starting position ⁣⁣
⁣⁣•Perform your desired sets and reps. ⁣⁣
⁣⁣Key components to do this right: Exert lateral pressure against the band to engage your gluteus medius and ensure proper knee alignment. Bend from your hips and knees. Push your hips back toward the bench so your knees don’t go over your toes. Make sure you don’t gain momentum from your upper body as you stand. ⁣⁣
⁣⁣Go crazy by mixing up the color/resistance band! The Mantra Sports Booty bands come in 3 sizes/resistances. They are super comfortable and DURABLE!! We highly recommend them for a ton of exercise progressions. Welcome to social media Karl Waltner! Karl the next Kardashian????!!!!⁣⁣
⁣⁣https://www.mantrasports.com/collections/featured-products/products/resistance-booty-exercise-loop-bands ⁣⁣
⁣⁣ @mantrasports #physiopro #bootybuilding #squats #legstrengthing #physiofamily

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At Physio Pro we share your love for the outdoors. Natalie @pedalfitpt enjoyed a beautiful 🐦 bluebird day on her #splitboard on Bald Mountain in Breckinridge this week. Cheers to the weekend and more of this! #physiotherapy #physiofamily #physiopro ...

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Youth Strength and Conditioning at Physio Pro

Group Classes Begin Next Week
and Run Weekly Until Spring Break
Call 303-370-2670 or email info@physio-pro.com to Sign Up

Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Development

Classes for Ages 7-13

Offered Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 6-7pm

Emphasis on Correct Exercise Form, Balance, Strength, Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Hand/Eye Coordination, Injury Prevention, and Teamwork

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We had a fun week celebrating the holidays with our Physio family. We are proud our staff and their families that make this all possible. #physiofamily #physiotherapy #blessed🙏 #physiopro #uglychristmassweater ...

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It’s been great working with @physio_natc ! She is an awesome therapist and does amazing job with our bike fits at Physio Pro.⁣
⁣#repost @pedalfitpt⁣
⁣You can’t buy happiness but you can be comfortable on your bike!

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Skiing and Snowboarding movements are tough to replicate in the gym. Many people choose to try to ski themselves into shape every season. Although this can work for some it is not without risk. There is no need to increase your risk for injury or have your fitness limit your fun at the mountain. Wintervention is in full swing for another month. Spots are still available for our classes. They run from 6-7pm on Tuesday and Thurday nights and MWF mornings from 6:30-7:30 AM. Wintervention is in its 10th year @physiopro . That equates to a 10 year cache dry-land exercise progressions and ski fitness fun! Let us show you how to make sure your fitness program matches the demands of the mountain. ⁣⁣
⁣⁣#physiofamily #drylandskitraining #skiing #coloradoskiing #physiotherapy #wintervention

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Hey Physio Friends! Our trusted therapist Corey needs your help. The mustache has been mighty popular... but where does he go from here? Cast your votes in the comment section below. ...

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Your workout can keep you functional if you make the right choices, and it can make you dysfunctional if you make the wrong choices. ⁣
⁣Quite often we hear clients say something along the lines of: “I thought I was doing the right exercises” or “I was doing the PT exercises I was given in the past”. Unfortunately, they are often not gaining the desired benefits despite their efforts. After a comprehensive evaluation, we are able to design an effective treatment plan.⁣
⁣At #physiopro we will ensure that your efforts yield a big return on investment.⁣
⁣#physiofamily #assessdontguess #physiotherapy #functionalmovment #movewellmoveoften

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is thankful for our Physiofamily! Thanks to all our patients, clients, and therapists who make it all happen. Happy thanksgiving!!⁣⁣
⁣⁣#turkey #physiotherapy #physiofamily #thankful #thankfulgratefulblessed

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The single leg squat is an excellent exercise to address gluteus medius (“hip”) muscle weakness. Weakness in this and other nearby muscles has been shown to increase incidence of all sorts of knee injuries, including ACL tears and patellofemoral syndrome. This photo shows A)correct performance with even trunk and knee aligned with the hip and ankle B) incorrect with trunk lean to right. C)incorrect with trunk lean to left. D) incorrect with knee dropping to the inside (also called “valgus collapse”). Using a mirror can help you perfect your technique. Crossley et al. Performance on the Single-Leg Squat Task Indicates Hip Abductor Muscle Function.American Journal of Sportsmedicine 39(4) 2011. #glutestrength #physiotherapy #assessdontguess #injuryprevention #novalgus #physiopro #physiofamily ...

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Total domination from Trevor Baptiste. His 2019 PLL highlight reel is ridiculous! Here is the link to the entire video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B5G-IUThZC5/?igshid=snox5zft6lvp @trevorbaptiste9 #speedboi #pll ...

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A friendly reminder to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and healthy! This is even more critical if you plan on exercising or being active. Water is the medium in which all energy reactions take place. From a musculosketetal standpoint, It is essential for stamina, burning fuel, and building muscle ⁣
⁣Water is the most critical nutrient for muscular growth, and development. It is essential for muscle and nerve function as it is the medium that allows for the exchange of electrolyte minerals at the neuromuscular junction. Without enough water, your muscles are not getting enough electrolytes and can’t fire optimally. Studies have also shown that dehydration while working out can amplify exercise induced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).⁣
⁣Water is also the primary component of the lubricating synovial fluid in all our joints. If you are lacking in water, less synovial fluid is available to protect these areas. As you add more stress to your body with working out, the demands on the joints will increase. Adequate protective fluid is essential for optimum performance and to give longer life to your joints.⁣
⁣Make sure to get 64 OUNCES A DAY regardless of your activities. ⁣
⁣2 to 3 hours before your game or practice : 16 ounces (about 1 water bottle) ⁣
⁣15 minutes before: 8 ounces⁣
⁣4 ounces of fluid every 15 to 20 minutes (2 to 3 large gulps)⁣
⁣16 to 20 ounces of fluid for every pound lost (1 to 11⁄2 water bottles per pound lost)⁣
⁣The following link is from the NCAA Sports Science Institute and their hydration recommendations for athletes.⁣
⁣https://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/Performance%20Hydration%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf ⁣
⁣#hydrate #watergoals #drinkup #thirsty #dehydration #health #physiopro #physicaltherapy #strength #goals #healthcare #prehab #personaltraining #physiofamily

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