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For years, Physio Pro has been rehabilitating snow riders of all levels following injuries. Numerous athletes, ranging from recreational to professional riders, have used our services for their rehab needs. Due to the high number of snow-sport related injuries seen in our clinic, we felt it imperative to provide a dry-land conditioning program that met the specific demands of snow riding and reduced the risk of serious injury.

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In order for this program to translate onto the mountain, its structure needed to have biomechanically similar movement patterns and physiologically similar energy system requirements to those used with riding. Fatigue and susceptibility to injury are usually linked to local muscle weakness and diminished anaerobic endurance. Many of the components of this program have been used by the US Ski Team for their training needs over the last 15 years. Whether you are a telemark skier, a snowboarder, or an alpine skier, Wintervention will meet the demands of your riding and improve your on-mountain fitness.

Wintervention sessions are a full hour and integrate dry-land circuit training, tabata intervals, plyometrics, mobility drills, balance, core control and anaerobic endurance exercises specific for the mountain. These group sessions can accommodate up to 8 individuals and are a fun way to get snow-fit prior to the upcoming season.

We will also be doing a few Red Rocks Wintervention workouts on select Saturdays. More info to come!

Wintervention begins the first week of October and will finish the last week of January. Reservations are made by appointment only and are first come, first served.

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