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Women’s Health / Pelvic Floor Therapy

Women’s Health Physical Therapy is a treatment delivered by specially trained physical therapists to address pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction that can affect many women at some point in their lifetime. These dysfunctions can arise from an injury, surgery, pregnancy and postpartum, or menopause.

The pelvis is designed to be the connection between the upper body and the lower body. It is integral to core stability, range of motion of the spine and pelvis, as well as provides a strong anchor for the large muscles of our hips and thighs. The pelvic floor serves specific roles for breathing, pressure regulation, control of voiding of the bladder and bowel, sexual function, support of organs, and postural support. When there is dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles (weakness or tightness) it can lead to pelvic pain, incontinence, constipation, sexual dysfunction, low back, abdominal or hip pain.

Our treatments are one-on-one with a physical therapist in a private office setting. A physical therapist will take a detailed history regarding your condition and perform an examination and evaluation to determine the underlying cause of the issue. The physical therapist will then create an individualized treatment plan to help decrease your pain and help you achieve your goals.

Treatment for pelvic health physical therapy may include:

● Internal vaginal examination and treatment
● Patient education
● Manual techniques for spine and hip alignment
● Postural education
● Soft tissue mobilization / myofascial release
● Motor control training for pelvic floor, hip and core muscles
● Pelvic, hip and core muscle strengthening and flexibility
● Relaxation techniques
● Diaphragmatic breathing
Pelvic conditions treated by physical therapy:
● Urinary incontinence
● Urgency / frequency of urination
● Pelvic pain syndromes
● Pelvic organ prolapse
● Painful sexual intercourse
● Pregnancy and postpartum musculoskeletal injuries
● Diastasis recti
● Low back, abdominal or SI joint pain

We also offer treatments during pregnancy to help with low back pain, SPD, sciatica and preparation for childbirth. Postpartum we offer a specific return to fitness examination and evaluation that looks beyond your normal 6 week check up to determine if you are ready to begin exercising. We will also give you a safe and guided progression of exercises that are critical to perform when returning to fitness and/or running postpartum. Additionally, our physical therapist has the unique training as a pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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