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The characteristics of the running cycle are difficult to analyze with the naked eye. The stance phase of running is less than 0.2 seconds. The human eye can only process information at speeds estimated around 16 frames per second. HD digital cameras allow us to analyze these high speed mechanics in high resolution at up to 1000 frames per second. For this reason using high speed 1080P HD video in conjunction with the appropriate gait analysis software is an invaluable tool in analyzing running/walking mechanics.

During a video gait evaluation, 8 different views are filmed in high speed HD video and analyzed using gait analysis software in super slow-motion. Asymmetries, abnormal movement, positions of risk, and good/bad mechanics are identified and discussed with you. This analysis looks at the whole body. Print outs of each phase of the gait cycle will be provided for you. Normative data is used to compare your individual gait characteristics with the “ideal” mechanics. For any abnormalities identified, corrective drills will be introduced and incorporated into your treatment. Suggestions on shoe selection, orthotics, changes in cadence/ mechanics as well as any mobility/stability issues can also be made following this evaluation. A follow-up session can be made 6-8 weeks following interventions. Our software allows for side by side comparison and progress can be identified between the 2 sessions and interventions will be modified as appropriate.

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Running Biomechanical Assessments and Video Gait Analysis
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