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We offer one-on-one as well as partner personal training which has become a popular option for our patients following their physical therapy discharge. Our certified trainers are excited to help you reach your goals in a safe and effective manner.

In addition to personal training, we offer a variety of special programs for our patients after concluding their injury rehabilitation. These programs as also geared for athletes who simply wish to increase their performance and overall athleticism in their given sport. Our injury prevention, strength and conditioning, and sport specific programs work great as an extension of physical therapy. This is ideal in helping the patient bridge the gap between treatment and performance.

Featured Program: Wintervention

Ski and Snowboard Exercise Sessions
This is a dry-land conditioning program that meets the specific demands of snow riding and reduces the risk of serious injury. Wintervention begins the first week of October and will finish the last week of January.

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I thought all physical therapists were the same (move this, stretch that, don’t do this). Natalie is different. She takes the time to thoroughly understand her patients, establish trust, and implement a program for long term success.

Edward Phillips

Thanks to Nate, with the assistance of Karl & Nick, my recovery has progressed better than I could have hoped. I highly recommend Physio Pro.

Ilene Bressler

Karen is amazing–professional, always on time, thoughtful, patient & a pain RELIEVING guru. Physical therapy isn’t torturous or even painful at all with her, but it is incredibly effective.

Chelsea Anderson


Our staff is well trained to help with your fitness needs and wellness programs. If you need an exercise program, have trouble with your weight, are concerned about osteoporosis, have an issue with diabetes, or you would like to learn how to prevent falls, we can help.

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