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Biomechanical Assessments and Individual Performance Programs For Snow Riding

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Many snow riders have the unfortunate experience of sustaining a season ending injury. Every year, accidents affect the unexperienced rider and the professional racer alike. Knee and back injuries are the most common. Knee injuries comprise a quarter of all recreational ski injuries and up to 50% of all injuries in females. Back injuries are common due to high compressive forces and the spine’s absorption of G-forces associated with turning on the mountain.

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The demands of snow riding are complex, which increase the risk of injury. Riding requires dynamic balance and postural endurance, the control of speed and direction, as well as simultaneous control of your skis or snowboard. Skiing and riding are primarily anaerobic activities requiring multiple bursts of activity over a long period of time. This calls for a specific type of muscle strength and coordination in the legs. If the demands of riding are higher than the rider’s overall fitness level, the likelihood of an injury is high.

A Snow-Smart evaluation will help to identify and treat faulty biomechanics and fitness deficiencies that could lead to injuries. This program offers an individualized assessment of your strength, flexibility, balance, and symmetry as it pertains to skiing or riding. A joint screen of your knees, hips and spine will be performed followed by a series of six functional ride-specific tests. These tests are very objective and provide immediate feedback regarding a rider’s fitness. Following testing, an Injury Risk Profile will be provided and personalized snow-specific exercises will be given.

One-on-one personal training sessions are available after the assessment with an emphasis on ski/snowboard performance and highlighting the deficiencies noted during your Snow Smart Screen. This is the safest and most direct way to increase your riding fitness and to decrease the likelihood of injury. Let us help you ride stronger and safer this season!



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